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Our research team

PriusHealth is an initiative from Swedish medical universities providing daily thought-provoking questions to inspire you to improve your health.

It is available globally through our home page both as an open website and a guided program.

It has been developed since 2014 by our team at the University of Gothenburg, Lund University and Skåne university hospital in Sweden, coming out of years of research in close collaboration with patients with type 2 diabetes.

Since 2017, the tool has expanded to include all people who want to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases.

Anders Rosengren

Associate Professor

Anders Rosengren, MD PhD, is a Swedish diabetes researcher and physician. He has made extensive studies on the genetic, molecular and clinical background of type 2 diabetes and published in high-profile international journals such as Science, Cell Metabolism, Nature Communications and Science Translational Medicine. He has received the Rising Star Award by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and has been appointed a Future Research Leader in Sweden by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and a Ragnar Söderberg Researcher in Medicine. Anders Rosengren leads the initiative, writes the content and is principal investigator for the research study.

Emelia Mellergård

Lic. psychologist, PhD student

Emelia Mellergård is a psychologist and PhD student at the department of Health Sciences, Lund university. Her research is focused on health and lifestyle factors in relation to type 2 diabetes, with a certain interest in patient level factors affecting diabetes development over time, as well as the patients’ personal experiences of health – physically, psychologically and existentially. Emelia Mellergård has been a part in developing the research initiative.

Hannah Nenonen

PhD, Research coordinator

Hannah Nenonen, PhD, is a researcher on endocrine and metabolic diseases. Her research includes hormonal diseases and the molecular and clinical background of type 2 diabetes. Hannah Nenonen is coordinating the overall initiative and is responsible for research data analysis and database management.

Maria Fälemark

Research and diabetes nurse

Maria Fälemark has worked extensively to prevent and treat patients with lifestyle diseases in primary care settings in Sweden. Since 2012 she works as a research nurse and has been managing both drug trials and lifestyle studies. Maria Fälemark contributes to the content on lifestyle aspects and manages the clinical parts of the research study.

To make this initiative openly available to the general public, we have collaborated with a number of experts, including Paul Tyler (Copenhagen, Usability expert), Emelia Mellergård (Lund, Clinical psychologist), Malin Bäckman (Lund, Clinical psychologist), Gunilla Willstéen (Malmö, dietician), Cooper design firm (San Francisco, user interaction design) & Happiness web development Agency (Stockholm).


If you would like to start benefiting from the open website or take part in the guided program, click here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback and suggestions for improvements.



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